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Hybrid Powertrain

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D4S in collaboration with Efesto is currently developing complex hybrid parallel solutions for different sectors and use.

In 2017 D4S built the first Hybrid Rally Race cars that competed in the Rally on Ice Challenge in Italy, gaining the Championship.

The powertrain was based on a racing V6 3.0l internal combustion engine (ICE) with an output of 340HP, torque of 370Nm, integrated with a innovative electric unit, weighting 20Kg with 200kW of power (270 HP and 500Nm). So the car sports a spectacular power of 610 HP and 870Nm of torque, that is transmitted to the ground through a reinforced six speed sequential transmission.

D4S also targets at: Traction control strategies, Intelligent Torque Vectoring, Energy recovering, Energy Harvesting, characterisation and functioning, integration of BMS, Thermal management for batteries and electric powertrain, Critical low materials management.

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